Team Spotlight

Kenneth Blocker
Kenny Blocker is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois and a Graduate Research Assistant in the Human Factors and Aging Lab. His research interests include promoting behavior change with ambient and/or environmental technologies, technology design and acceptance for older adults, health self-management, medical human factors, cognitive aging, educational technologies, and health care. Kenny’s role in TechSAge includes assisting with projects by iteratively developing and testing an instructional protocol for the setup and continued use of Amazon Echo products and related connected technologies/applications, assisting with data collection and analysis regarding novice users of these technologies consisting of the target population (older adults with a long-term mobility disability), and additionally assisting with the installation and maintenance of the relevant technologies in our current smart apartment environment in a local life plan community for older adults (Clark-Lindsey Village). When he’s not working on his research, Kenny likes to spend his time cooking, hiking, reading, caring for his dog, and exploring astronomy, astrophotography, and home automation.