D1.1 Research Volunteers Needed: Atlanta, GA


Georgia Institute of Technology

Are you 55 or older?
Do you have difficulty getting on and off chairs and/or toilets?

Georgia Tech researchers are looking for individuals 55 and older, who have difficulty performing transfers*, to evaluate an innovative system that will facilitate safe toilet transfers.

*please call to verify study eligibility

Study expectations

This study will involve:

  • Measurements of your gait, balance, and strength
  • Evaluation of a smart bathroom system by completing a series of sumulated transfers (clothing on) on and off toilet

Study location

GA Tech Aware Home

479 10th St. NW, Atlanta, GA, 30318

Free accessible parking available on site.


$50 for each 2-2.5 hr session (up to 10 sessions) + travel costs up to $50 per session

Study team can assist in arranging transportation


Contact Susan Lee at (404)385-2632 or su.lee@design.gatech.edu


Download as a PDF.