D4. Research Volunteers Needed: Champaign, Illinois

Using Digital Home Assistants
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Human Factors & Aging Laboratory

Research Aim

We want to understand your perceptions and opinions with regard to the potential use of the Amazon Echo and other assistant technologies in your home.

Participants must…
• Be 60 years or older
• Have a lower-body impairment for ten years or more - (using a mobility aid or having serious difficulties walking or climbing stairs)
• Have had NO prior experience with Amazon Echo products: Including the Amazon Alexa, Echo Show
• Willing to visit Clark-Lindsey for data collection; consent to be audio recorded during the interview

The study will include:

• Pre & Post-Questionnaires (15 minutes each) & Individual Interviews (90 minutes)
• Total Study Time = approximately 3 hours

*Participants will be compensated $50 in an Amazon Gift Card for their time
*If you meet the study criteria, or know someone who does, please contact Dr. Lyndsie Koon at HFA-Lab@illinois.edu or (217) 300-5445

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board IRB #18561


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