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D3.1 Steady Wheels

Principal Investigator: 
Jacob J. Sosnoff, PhD
Mikaela L. Frechette, Libak Abou, Laura Rice, Ph.D., & Jason Fanning, Ph.D.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Post-Polio Health International, Illinois Community Health and Aging Collaborative

Although individuals with long-term mobility disabilities are at increased risk of falls (Matsuda, Verrall, Finlayson, Molton, & Jensen, 2015), recommended fall risk screening tools are typically designed for individuals experiencing normative aging (Ambrose, Cruz, & Paul, 2015). Consequently, most adults with mobility disabilities who use wheelchairs do not undergo comprehensive falls risk screening or receive targeted prevention strategies and remain at high risk of falls and loss of independence (Rice, Ousley, & Sosnoff, 2015). In response to the need for valid comprehensive measures of fall risk among this population, this project will examine the validity of smart-phone based postural control assessments in adults with mobility disabilities who use wheelchairs. 

 Foot rest on power wheelchair    Steady Wheels logo that shows cartoons of wheelchair users holding smartphones   Male in power wheelchair using smartphone

Related Publications:

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Project Status: 

Our team now has a working prototype of the app suitable for non-ambulatory individuals. We are preparing to begin user testing of the app.