TechSAge 2017 Design Competition


1st Place
Justin Chang, Philip Chang, and Dan Sipzner
University of Pennsylvania

Releaf is an assistive-wearable glove designed to promote active gardening among seniors by increasing grip strength and reducing hand fatigue. The design featured a leather glove that uses cables, servomechanisms, and a sensor controlled by the pinky to engage and disengage active assistance when gripping tools.

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Download the Releaf Project Poster.

Releaf Kickstarter


2nd Place
Audrey Fox
Parsons School of Design in New York City

Nettle is an intuitive, screenless interface for connecting people using a teapot and mug and employing the beloved rituals of making tea. Two people in different places can communicate using a web-connected teapot, which uses the pouring of hot water to signal a user’s availability to have a conversation over tea. *Social Connectedness category winner

Download the Nettle project poster.



3rd Place
Lamar Pi
San Francisco University

MODU is a customizable, modular tray that attaches to walkers or wheelchairs to provide individuals with mobility impairment with a stable, multipurpose surface for activities and storage. *Health at Home category winner

Download the MODU project poster.